Monday, March 31, 2003


Well, you can say all you want good about globalization - that it made wide range of products and services available to most if not all of the population worldwide - that it made life easier for people.

But this globalization - particularly the information globalization has affected me personally lately. Ok, lets come to the point, shall we?

CNN is broadcast all over the world... and some of the programs (like NewsNight, 10PM EST) are broadcast live to most part of the world including India where my parents live. Fine and all. But what it does is... they bring "live" (read "uncooked" news) to them and make them worry about the things that they normally would not worry about!

One day I get a call from my parents "informing" me that NJ has decided to close the india-based call centers that was providing customer support to NJ. They were worried that many people in india would lose jobs coz of that. Later, I found out that NJ State Assembly has passed a legislative to ban the usage of india-based call centers for "government programs" only suggesting that the indian call centers may not understand the legal/social issues of the people here...

I did not know about this until I heard it from my parents who religiously watch CNN "live" to keep themselves up-to-date about the happenings here.

One more reason why globalisation is NOT good :(.

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