Friday, April 04, 2003


Thanks for all those who sent mails appreciating the posts and sending comments. The one complaint that I got from most of you is that I dont ramble enough... to be called "Bala's Ramblings"... I shall try to ramble more :) Here one for ya:

The one thing that I realised more than anything in the last couple of years is - the secret to run a business successfully without a sweat is to be the monopoly in your market... Thats how many companies survive (read still does not make money) in this economy... In US atleast, both cable companies and local telephone companies are mostly monopolies in their respective area.

The case in point - My cable company - Comcast. I subscribed for their cable modem service some 4 months ago with their self install kit. They never delivered me the self install kit... for about a month when I was out of the country for my vacation... But when I got my next month bill, I was billed for a month of cable modem bill. I called them up and told them the story - not to one - but three *unfriendly* reps and found out that they somehow forgot to send me my install kit. Ok you would think the problem is solved then, right... NO! I have to call the billing department separately to get the credit for already billed amount...

Three calls and two *unfriendly* reps later, everything was settled. During all these calls - I was repeatedly told that I could opt out if I am not satisfied with their service... Well, do I have an option? Of course I dont!! And they know that... Thats why they provide such a retarded service...

And dont ask me about the rates for the cable n internet - Its ridiculously high...

Well, God Help us!

BTW, I have now added a third-party message board for you folks to comment on my posts... You dont have to register to comment. Thanks in advance for your comments.


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