Tuesday, April 22, 2003


To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that people are still putting on job fairs in Silicon Valley, because there can't be that many firms that really find such things useful. CNet reports that the latest job fair from BrassRing only had 30 companies looking for workers, though there was no shortage of unemployed techies waiting in long lines at their booths for the potential to talk to them. Of course, most of the companies are defense or government contractors - the same companies who couldn't get techies to even glance in their direction three years ago.

Meanwhile, there were almost as many organizations at the job fair presenting "services" for unemployed people - such as helping them rollover their 401(k) plans or reviewing their resumes. The article points out that, once again, the best way to find a job is through personal networking, rather than any sort of "free for all" approach.

Whoever said that the job market is getting better?


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