Thursday, March 25, 2004


I have just bought a new phone (do we even have to specify that its a mobile phone, who buys normal phone these days anyways? ;)) - T616 and I just love it... Its a beauty to hold and use... I know, I know that its not a new phone per se... I have stopped being an early adopter of technology gadgets... (well, I am trying atleast).

Hmm, then I have bought a Bluetooth Headset to go along with my new BT-enabled phone BT250 and lemme tell you, the way u use your mobile changes with this...

And, my two years old Dell Laptop (Latitude C810) has been sick lately... The display has become grainy and everything... Gotta get a new laptop...

And I am now looking for a new Digital Camera as well. My old camera (Dimage S404) is growing old like me!

So what are your new toys?


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