Friday, March 26, 2004


Question: Is there a limit on what would a person do to promote his/her film?

Answer: No

For those of you guys who have not been following this whole Passion of the Christ debacle, here is a quick summary:

If you want to make the most money when you can no longer act in action/adventure movies, you should take a lesson from Mel Gibson. Not only did he put his own $25 Mil into probably the biggest risk taking movie ever, but also he used controversies to get free publicity from all around. The Pope was said to have liked the movie... even though the Vatican Spokesman denies that the Pope ever said so... Churches are booking the theatres en masse... And the Jewish leaders are furiated that this would bring back the whole Anti-Semite feeling all over again... People are apparently praying in the theatres.

Well, here's my point. If Christians needed a movie to remind them of all the sacrifices that Jesus Christ did for them, then what are Churches for... I say we convert them into Movie Studios...

And apparently, a guy in UK (of all places) confesses to a murder of his girl friend after watching this movie.

I myself have not seen the movie, but have read reviews about it and have talked to friends who have seen it. Everyone seems to agree that the Violence is so gruesome that you have to turn your head away once in a while. And it is 'R' rated.

But this whole debacle again reminds me how much the movies are influencing people's lives...


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