Thursday, April 01, 2004


It was bound to happen some time. Google has decided to launch an email service, which they are approriately calling it as 'GMail'.

The unique features include one GIGA bytes of storage. That's right folks, go figure on what you are going to store in 1 GigaBytes. Now this raises some interesting questions:

1. Will they let us store attachments worth of 1 Gigabyes or just mails with restricted limit on the size of attachment?
2. How are they going to handle spam, which is the biggest problem of why I have stopped using my Hotmail, Yahoo accounts?
3. How would the users react to Google machine reading their mail contents and publishing ads related to that content?

It would be interesting to see this one unveil.

Too bad, its just limited to a selected few! If you guys have used it, drop me a word on how it is.


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