Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Not a Travel Blog...

Not to create an impression that this is a travel blog (as my previous two posts might indicate), here are some rants not related to travel:

1. I follow the various Web 2.0 companies very closely and I constantly fail to understand the business model on how they plan to generate revenue other than selling out to GYM (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft).

2. Is it just me or does everyone feel that there are just too many username & passwords to remember (read: store it in a text file)? With all the advances in technology, you would've thought that there would be a better solution to this problem.

3. TechDirt correctly calls Bill G on his promise that he will eradicate 'spam' by the end of this year Atleast let's hope he has some control over his 4 million a day spam.

4. This is the time of the year for the list of all lists. I am curious as to how they came up with rankings in these lists.

5. I watched Syriana, a wonderfully acted and very realistic movie. George Clooney has acted really well. If you want to understand how deep 'Oil' plays in world politics, this is a must-see. I am yet to see King Kong and Munich, which are in my TBS (To Be Seen) list.

6. Among the gadgets that I have recently acquired are my new digital camera - Canon PowerShot S80, Seagate 100GB Portable External Drive and a Lexar 2GB Secure II Jumpdrive which I bought it on the Black Friday. I also bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 which is now my main photo editing and organizing tool.

7. For some reason, I cannot get the commenting javascript to work in my blog template. Angelo kindly tried his hand at it but wasn't successful. So, this is an open invitation to my readers (Yeah, right -- like I have hundreds of them :)) to help me fix this damn script. If you do fix it, I'll buy you a dinner, I promise! In the mean time, feel free to email me your comments at bala [dot] pitchandi [at] gmail [dot] com. Update: Well, well, well... I do have some readers. Thanks to the anonymous reader who emailed me the fix for the comments. It's now working. Comment away, people!

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