Sunday, March 12, 2006

With All Due Respect...

That's Tony Soprano's famous quote from my favorite TV drama, The Sopranos. I started watching The Sopranos purely by accident back in 2002 and was blown away by it. Since then I've become a die-hard fan and have introduced my friends to it as well.

The show's probably the best television drama ever. The story is about an italian-american mob boss Tony Soprano and his familial trouble. It can be best explained as a modern version of The God Father. The acting is so flawless that you tend to forget that they are acting, but they are living their characters. The story keeps you glued. The screenplay is pure magic and is legendary. Casting couldn't have been any better.

Above all, the story happens right where I live -- the Great State of New Jersey. Infact the opening sequence features those huge Oil Refinery Tanks (with the DRIVE SAFELY sign) that are on New Jersey Turnpike (one of the busiest roadways in the US, with 16 lanes at some sections) which is just a few minutes from my apartment. No matter how much I crib about NJ and how bad the traffic is and how crowded the malls are, I sorta like it and have lived here for the last five years. We have even visited Paterson Falls thats in Paterson, NJ, which is where one of whackings of the show happens. There are other interesting locations featured in the opening which I use quite often.

It's been 21 months since the last episode of Season 5 and today the Season 6 starts. I have already seen the last 5 episodes to refresh my memory. And I can't wait to see who gets whacked next...

So, you better watch it, capiche?

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