Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Since the launch of Indian Music Blog Directory, I have only slowly realized just how big Indian Music Blog collaboration is. Case in point is: Blogswara

From the Blogswara home page,

BlogSwara is a collaborative musical endeavor by a group of Indian bloggers around the world. For the first version we have songs in 3 different Indian languages. Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. Everything is done by the bloggers themselves. Lyrics, Music, Orchestration, Vocals, Recording and Mixing. Everything is done online. Everybody works from their own place that is in different parts of the world.
I listened to the songs that they have done and they are just magical. And to think that it was all done online by people who have never met each other over the internet is just amazing. It's only deserving to see that they are getting noticed by the MSM in India. Jo points out the inaccuracies in the NewInd Press article as well.

Go listen the songs for yourself to see how good they are!

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  1. Hi Bala,

    Thanks much for writing about BlogSwara!