Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changes are good, some times

That wasn't hard now, was it?

See, I am too lazy and don't do things until am forced to. As I had explained, there was a lot of spam in this blog and that had forced me to update the template which I wouldn't have done unless that happened. Thanks to Gecko & Fly for the template.

I have also added the Link Blog to side bar. Link Blog is a cool Google Reader feature which I just love. Basically these are blog posts from my Reading List that I have found to be interesting and want to share with you. Instead of blogging about it, I am just gonna "Shift-S" them :)...

Comments are enabled again but only for registered users. I would like to monitor things for a while before I open it up for everyone. I have some quirks to fix here and there but if you find issues with the blog, do let me know.

And, keep it blogged!

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