Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vista's early troubles

Microsoft's Vista and Office 2007 has been out almost a month now and I have been eagerly waiting for various reviews to come out from the blogosphere. So far, some of the early reviews haven't been good. Here are some samplings:

Where Windows Pundits Went Wrong - Chris Prillo
Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a nightmare - Jason
Slow Outlook 2007
Vista pauses Fox Video on Demand - Om Malik
Vista iTunes Fiasco - Om Malik

Now I understand a new OS would always have its issues but so many early adopters having problems and deciding to stay with XP is trouble for MS because these early adopters are the ones who are going to encourage the normal users to upgrade by word-of-mouth marketing. I myself haven't planned on upgrading my primary machine to Vista but I do plan on putting Vista on a brand new machine that I'm putting together (more on that later). Hopefully my experience would be better.

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