Friday, June 01, 2007

In the last month...

  1. I got a new computer (a Dell Latitude D620 laptop) - had to move all my stuff over in a day
  2. Moved to a new apartment all by myself
  3. Got new cable, phone, internet connections
  4. Bought all new furniture, appliances, utensils, etc
  5. Went to India for a weeklong trip
  6. Did a lot of shopping to go to India
  7. Accomplished a long lasting wish of mine - that is bring my parents here to the US - Hurray!
  8. Did a lot of traveling in the week I was in India - between Chennai to Madurai to Tanjore
  9. More shopping now for the US - a couple of 110v appliances and more sweets.
  10. Back in the US, and amidst a lot of pending work...

Now I'm sure you wont ask me why I havent been blogging much the past month... :) Let me catch my breath and will be back in a jiffy...

1 comment:

  1. Are your folks visiting or staying? Hope you had a nice vacation to India--that was really a short trip to so far. Did you ever get over the jet lag and time change?