Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cast Off, Splint On

After wearing the "Fiber-glass" (no, really) cast on my wrist for about six-annoying weeks, it finally came off yesterday. But no reason to celebrate just yet as my wrist is sore due to the fact that it was immobile for a looooong time. The doc has suggested that I wear a Thumb Spica, which is a sort of a splint to keep the thumb immobile while at work. This is supposed to go on for three more weeks (arrgh!)

Anyways, I feel much better now knowing that I don't have to keep my hand up while taking a shower. Yeah, try doing that for a week - you'll know what I'm talking about. While I have not regained full movements on my wrist, I can use my thumb and all the fingers to type and pick up things etc.

The doctor, for some strange reason, did not suggest any physiotherapy exercises for the wrist, as I expected he would. He says I should be able to slowly resume/regain full movements.

Anywayys, I guess a couple of more weeks of splint and I should be fully recovered.

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  1. Doctors are never much for physical therapy. Tell him you want a referral, and hope you are better soon.