Thursday, August 23, 2007

Waiting for Products

David Pogue of The New York Times has become my favorite tech columnist of choice for his straight talking, no-nonsense commentary and blog posts. Case in point about his recent post on Pogue's Posts:

The pocket SLR. As much as I love that little Canon, its photos only sometimes attain the spectacular visual quality of an S.L.R. (one of those big black semi-pro cameras that cost over $500 and can’t record movies). Apparently it’s really, really difficult to get that kind of quality in a small camera, thanks to the obnoxious intrusion of something called physics. [...]

The great cellphone carrier. When the iPhone came out, everybody grumbled and moaned about how Apple had chosen AT&T as its exclusive carrier. I grumbled along with them—and then it hit me: Whom wouldn’t people have grumbled about? [...]

The universal adapter. I’m very good about returning all the equipment I review. I’ll confess, though, that I have a drawer full of orphaned black power adapters that, in the course of re-packing 500 products over 7 years, I somehow left out of the return shipping boxes. And because they’re never labeled with the product or company’s name (and because the companies never bother asking for them later), I now don’t know where they go. [...]

The non-tape camcorder with tape quality. OK, OK, I get it: Americans don’t want tape camcorders anymore. Sales and development of MiniDV camcorders are sinking. Sales and development of mini-DVD camcorders, hard drive camcorders and memory-card camcorders are on the rise. [...]

The long-life battery. In the last ten years, cameras have gone from 1 megapixel to 12. Processors have gone from 300 megahertz to 3 gigahertz. Music players have gone from holding 20 songs to 20,000. [...]
Couldn't have said it better - When are these products going to come?

P.S: I'm on my last week of cast. It comes off (hopefully) next week. After that, a couple of weeks of rehab, and then I should be back to blogging at normal pace.

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