Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recently added to my iPhone

Here are some of the songs/albums that I recently added to my iPhone and my quick hit rant/review of them:

1. Cheeni Kum - somehow listening to classic Ilayaraja's songs in newly remixed versions and that too in Hindi sound really nice to me - wonder why he doesn't do this often. My favorite song has gotta be 'Sooni Sooni' which is a adapted from one of my all-time favorite tamil song - 'Mandram Vantha'. But why does Shreya Ghoshal have to sing 4 of the 5 songs in the album?

2. Justin Timberlake - I know, I know -- he's the symbol of the chewing gum pop generation, but listen me out. I miss those fast-paced disco songs that came during the Michael Jackson era with elaborate arrangements and an amazing music video to go with it. Watch and listen to What Goes Around / Comes Around and you'll know what I'm talking about. Its got none of the nasal screeching stuff but is very different and good. Another good song from JT is LoveStoned / I think She Knows.

3. ATM - Well, I just found this tamil album from the Vijay movie with music score by none other than A. R. Rahman last night and can't stop listening to the song 'Nee Marilyn Monroe'. The lyrics go like this:

'Nee Marilyn Monroe cloning-aa? illa
Jennifer Lopez-oda scanning-aa?
One-day mattum girlfriend-aaga variya?
Hey rock-and-roll-il kilaaadi
Rap song-ilae minnae(?) munodi
Saturday night party-ku pogalaam variya?

It's sung by Benny Dayal and Ujjayinee who I have never heard of before but Ujjayinee sounds really crisp and fresh. Especially the hook 'variya' is quite catchy and will certainly be a hit. Other songs on the album are also great. Overall, Rahman is kinda back to his best in this album, I should say.

That's it for now. If you haven't figured it by now - Yes, I listen to music from all three languages - Tamil, Hindi and English. It helps keep my music thirst satisfied ;)...


  1. It is actually
    Rock and roll-il killadi
    rap songil eminem munnodi

  2. Here's the complete lyrics:

    Boom boom shaka..boom boom shaka...

    Yeh baby yen album nee....
    Yeh baby un DJ naan.....
    Oru murai irumurai palamurai kaettidum sangeetham...(2)


    Nee Marilyn monroe cloning-a
    Illai jennifer lopez oda scanning-a
    One day mattum girl friend aaga vareeya? (2)

    Yeh rock and roll -il killadi
    rap songil eminem munnodi
    saturday night party ku pogalam vareeya?

    Yeh baby en album...(2)

    Kadar karayinil beach house irukku..
    Pala ooril farm house irukku...
    Vaa one day girl friend aaga vareeya vareeya?

    Kulir iravinil campfire pottu...
    Suda chuda vena kaichalai moottu...
    Vaa nadanangal aadida polaam vareeya?

    Ullaasamaai urchaagamaai kondaadidum koothu
    Un vaanathil pala vaanavil indru thondrume va va va....

    Boom boom shaka...

    Nee marilyn monroe....

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh.......

    Pengal oru mixie
    Vandhaal aan chutney
    Pengal oru cricket
    aangal dhan wicket

    Chessboard-il queenukku
    check veikka mudiyadhu
    King dhane baliyaagum oh ho....

    Miss world pol engum
    Mister world kidaiyadhu
    Aan jenmam veenagum oh ho....

    Nee Marilyn monroe...


  3. Ujjainee was the winner of Sare Gama music challenge conducted by Zee TV in 2005. She has already sung "Nachendru ichondru" in the movie attagasam.

    Benny dayal was a member of the SS music produced band S5. He has already sung the chorus of Suriyano chandirano in Ballelakka (Sivaji).

  4. Wow, that was pretty useful. Thanks for all that information, mukundh! ATM music is sure to be a hit...