Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Car Shopping List

My lovely Corolla S is almost 6 years old and it has started to show its age. I can't accelerate hard (read: floor it) from complete stop and can't really expect it to respond when trying to overtake that-guy-on-the-left-lane-who-wouldn't-move. So I am in the market for a new car - not right away - but some time this year, I'd like to buy one.

Here are my requirements:

1. It should give as much MPG as my current car (approx. 35 MPG)
2. It should cost under $30K ($35K if a luxury brand)
3. It should seat 4 to 5 people (no third row seating)
4. It should not be a SUV (hate them on principle and on ride comforts)
5. It should have a decent GPS system, Auxillary audio input, Mp3 support, Bluetooth, Remote key and start.
6. It should be a recently refreshed model (all-new 2007, 2008 or 2009)
7. It should be made by a non-American manufacturer (nothing against american car companies, but their quality stinks).

You'd think it'd be very easy to find a car to meet all of my requirements - but no, its been a very difficult search. So far, I have the following cars in my list:

1. BMW 3-Series 335d (Yes, its diesel and will be in US shortly)
2. Honda Accord Diesel (Still a rumored vehicle but expected later this year)
3. Toyota Venza (MPG not known yet but should be decent)*
4. Hyundai Genesis (Isn't Hyundai the new Toyota and look at those base feature set)

* - Yes, Venza may not meet a couple of my requirements. Yet I have it in my list. What can I say, I love Toyotas.

If you know any car that would meet my requirements let me know. Like I said, I'm in no hurry and can wait till the end of this year...

Update: Added Hyundai Genesis to the list.


  1. No BMW for you. BMW drivers are bullies. It is a fine car, but you are too good for it. We have a lot of BMW drivers around my neighborhood and I don't like them. They push and shove and honk at everyone in the left turn lane and make a bad name for a good car. If you must drive German, consider a Mercedes. Generally speaking, their drivers are more polite. Otherwise I suggest the Toyota Camry 6 cylinder.

  2. Hmm... You may be onto something there. I've always regarded BMW drivers as a little rash - but then again I live in Jersey - everyone here drives like a maniac.

    With regard to Mercedes, I somehow get the vibe that its meant for "older" people :)... It doesn't ooze youthfulness

    But Camry is a good choice but that's like choosing 'Vanilla' ice cream for the lack of a better choice :)