Monday, January 28, 2008

Vidyo @ DEMO

I don't discuss a lot about my employer here, for obvious reasons. But these are exciting times and I thought I'd share it with the two people who read my blog :)...

First off, the company's name changed from Layered Media Inc to Vidyo Inc. While I initially thought the name sounded made-up, it has started to grow on me. Vidyo has been in semi-stealth mode for about 2+ years now and tomorrow is the day where we make our big debut at DEMO in Palm Desert, CA. Our website has been updated with a lot more information on not just the VidyoConferencing technology (which is way more cooler than anything that's out there - See it in action) but the products that we have been working on which are cheaper, better and more efficient than our competitors (yes, we do have competition and they have recognized our threat). The other big news is the announcement that Cisco has licensed our technology to use it in their products.

It's an exciting time around Vidyo and its almost two years since I joined this company - it has been a hell of a ride and I hope we make it big in the next couple of years. Watching this company grow right in front of me is something very gratifying which one can only understand by experience.


  1. All the best for the DEMO. It sounds good...

  2. Just saw your demo at DEMO on the live broadcast. Best presentation so far!

  3. Wow thanks, rudy. That was really an instant feedback. Glad you liked it.