Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm 4 Barack

Although I can't vote in the US Presidential election, I follow it very closely. The candidate I would like to see get elected is, none other than Barack Obama. On the reasons why, I'd rather let the very eloquent Larry Lessig explain it (he's spot on what my opinion about Barack is):


  1. Come to Illinois and you will learn what Barack Obama is. There's a reason why every Republican here sure hopes Hillary wins the nomination, and its not because she would be easier to beat. Of course, as a local, Barack is very popular with the Democrats.

  2. Of course, no leader is perfect. If you dig deep enough, you are gonna find a lot of dirt of anyone. I know there was this whole Rezko affair that he was involved with.

    But you've gotta see beyond that and see what he represents and how inspiring and game-changing would a Obama presidentship be.

    Of course, he'd need to have the right group of people around him to provide with right advice. The thing about Obama is that when he talks, you know and feel like he's taking from his heart not some rehearsed lines from a speechwriter who came up with those lines because his research showed those lines worked best with the crowd.

    Of course, public speaking isn't the trait a President needs, but you've gotta see the enthusiasm and energy he has imparted onto the people who are voting for him and even those who are not voting for him.

    But of course, you'd know better as you've been watching him for much longer time than the rest of the country/world.

  3. What Obama represents to people from around the country is far different than what he represents here in Chicago(with the exception of his supporters who enthusiastically back his efforts so that he can change that pesky federal prosecutor in a just-in-time save). Here Obama was a yes-man ward heeler who liked to vote "present" in the state senate rather than taking a stand on the tough issues. I resent that my senator-in-absentia has made 20% of his votes in the Senate while drawing full pay.

    Obama is a fine speaker, no little thanks to his speechwriter, Jon Favreau, who is 26. In Illinois we play a pretty tough game of politics, and his team are skilled Chicago political operatives, good at creating the excitement and energy that surrounds him.

    My quarrel with him is entirely political. He is a great motivational speaker. Who wouldn't be fired up and ready to go for a new America, a better America, an America we make ourselves? Yes! We can! Can do what, and how, remains a very troubling question.