Monday, August 11, 2008

My iPhone Apps

With the iPhone 2.0 Software update, my iPhone has become more useful than before. I have downloaded and played around with a lot of apps but like the following ones:
  1. Morocco: Kavi and I end up playing this a lot while waiting in doctor's office or any other place. 
  2. Facebook: Very limited in terms of features but its nice to have facebook in your pocket.
  3. Remote (iTunes URL): Used it a couple of times but always a nice little app to have on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
  4. Hangman: Kavi loves it and she plays it a lot!
  5. NYTimes: I'm a NYTimes fan and its a great little app to read all the NYTimes articles. It sucks it does not have the NYTimes Blogs.
  6. CubeRunner: Used to play a lot in the beginning but not so much. 
  7. Pandora: Best app if you ask me. You can listen to pretty much any music you'd want, streamed to you even over EDGE and it sounds pretty good.
  8. AccuFuel: I use this little app to keep track of my car's mileage. Pen and paper are so last century!
  9. Google Mobile App: Google, bleh. Not so interesting. Gimme Google Talk!
  10. iMaze & Tap Tap Revenge: Haven't played enough to comment on them.
Other than AccuFuel which costs $0.99, all other apps are free.

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