Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mumbai Attacks: Five-Step Program

Step 1: Barack Obama, the incoming President, warns Pakistan that it cannot and will not be allowed to divert the US government aid to be used as means to beefing up military on Pakistan's eastern border. And if Pakistan failed to act on intelligence about terrorists inside Pakistan, US would launch attacks against those inside Pakistan.

Step 2: Fearing Step 1, elements inside Pakistan's military and ISI (note: I didn't say government) instructs its minions and militant elements to launch attacks inside India to ratchet up tension between the nuclear powers.

Step 3: India reacts just as advertised, by demanding action from Pakistan to quash those terrorist cells to which Pakistan government says 'Show us the proof'. Tensions are high inside India for action (read: attack terrorists wherever they may be).

Step 4: Stating Step 4 as a reason, Pakistan starts to move its troops from fighting Taliban from its western border to its eastern border to prevent "a non-existing" threat from India.

Step 5: Step 4 forces US government to tone down its allegations and demands for aid in return for pre-Step 1 "status-quo". Obama administration's hands are tied down even before it has taken reigns.

Collateral Damage: 200 or so innocent mumbaikars and numerous others who were either injured in Step 2.

I believe we are in Step 3 on this five-step process. The only question that remains is whether Obama administration goes through Step 5 as has the previous US governments or does it stand up and refuse to be cowed down again. We shall see.

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