Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I went on a two week business trip to China. This is my second trip to world's largest populated country and I was all excited about it. Here are the highlights of my visit to China and some pictures of my trip:

o There were additional "SARS" temperature checks at all the airports. I landed at Shanghai Pudong airport and from there I went to Guangzhou, Guangdong.
o Guangzhou is one of the richest industrial city in China. I loved the China Mayors Plaza hotel where I stayed in.
o Guangzhou is like Boston or Chicago - full of multi-lane highways, high-rise buildings, Starbucks, McDs, HaagenDazs everywhere.
o For a moment, I thought I landed in a different country. The only problem was language - Gotta learn Chinese!
o Four days of work - slogging and was amazed at the amount of work the engineers there put in!
o From Guanzhou, flew to Hangzhou for the weekend. All china domestic airlines are well maintained - mostly Airbus-es and some MDs.
o Hangzhou is where our company has its manufacturing plants. Its a major tourist attraction too.
o Had an amazing time, met many of my co-workers whom I only knew by email addresses.
o BTW, all the taxis in Hangzhou are brand-new Volkswagen Jettas. Went to some of the major tourist attractions.
o Back to work, flew to Zhengzhou, Henan from Hangzhou.
o Zhengzhou is in the exact center of china... relatively poor town...
o After another four days of work, am on my way back to the US...

One thing is clear, China is growing - both economically and politically, and I think it might soon become a dream for people to live and work there like people do (used to?) now to the US.

It might just happen pretty soon...


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