Thursday, September 23, 2004

Someone please wake me up

As you may have recently seen in the news, Google may be thinking of coming up with a browser of its own (GBrowser?)... Vasanth thinks that it would be amalgamation of all the "portal"-like feature that you see in Yahoo!, MSN etc.

Though I partly agree with him, I think it would be unlike anything that we have seen before. Google Labs has been at work to come up with lot of cool features (Searching for music using lyrics, personalised search etc).

In other news, I had recently been to Cape Cod, MA during the Labor Day. Boy, it was beautiful although a bit crowded. Martha's Vineyard was the highlight of the trip and it was refreshing to take time off from my hectic schedule. Anyways, here are the pictures that I took.

Oh, BTW, Red Sox are winning and Tamil has been declared a classical language.

Apple debuted their new iMac G5.

More when I wake up again ;)


  1. Nice photos.


  2. Tamil is a classical Language?
    Well that's the first I heard of it!
    way to go Old Mother Tamil!

    regardless of it all still sucks big time