Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Hits Asia

A Tsunami hits South East Asia last weekend and has caused about 24,000 deaths so far and increasing.

This has now been officially the worst ever disaster to hit India. The number of deaths could have been minimised if there was some kinda warning system in place in India as the waves came ashore only about 2 hours after the earthquake which is enough of a time for people to move to a higher ground. India is going to have one soon.

There are tons of resources here, here, here and here which are covering the events and has links to websites where you can contribute to the relief funds.

I am blogging here with a bunch of excellent bloggers from all around the world. This is kind of aggregation blog where we try to have all the information/news/helplines.

Let's all pray for all the victims in southeast asia and hope that they get back to their normal life soon.

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