Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Beginning...

Yeah, that's right. It is a new year.

Happy New Year! Felíz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année! Naye Varsha Ki Shubhkamanyen! Eniya Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal! (10 points to those who can guess all the languages correctly :))

I have never been big on 'Resolutions' because 1) I never could think and jot down few things that I really wanted to do. 2) I am too lazy to keep that up throughout the year. But, this is a time of change for me personally. So here comes my list of resolutions that I would try really hard to keep up:
  1. I will eat breakfast everyday
  2. I will go to the gym (or workout at home) atleast twice a week
  3. I will resume my reading habits
  4. I will call and talk with my friends more often
  5. I will keep my blog updated regularly

OK, the last one is going to be difficult but as I said earlier, I will try my best. Why only 6 resolutions? I only want to have a resolution that I can keep not something like "I will become a millionaire" :). Six is all I can think of.

So, here's to a year of new beginnings and happiness!


  1. Happy New Year.

    By the way there are only 5 resolutions on the list. What is the secret sixth one?

    Anyway hope you blog regularly.

  2. Haa, you've got good eyes Vasanth!

    Yes, there is a sixth secret resolution which will be revealed when I achieve it (so to speak)

    Will definitely blog regularly... and thanks for reading and commenting.

    Hope you are doing well in Bangaluru :)

  3. Bala I thought u have already achieved resolution 1. Isn't 6th getting achieved this summer ;-)

  4. I thought resolutions don't work? everyone seems to be outta' them by the 3rd week of Jan anyways.

    Bala - blogging can't on your resolutions list, blogging is now a way of life mon ami! Just like reggae music and rastafarians :-D

    tip for #4 -- leave voice mail messages and give them a couple of missed calls that would show up on their caller id displays, let them call you ;-), however, if you're calling internationally and folks don't know your number they may not call back... either that or they may intentionally not call back -- desi culture :-) Speaking of which, to any non-desi readers, Patrix gives one a good idea of what desi culture is like on his blog -- (

    maybe some podcasting Bala? how about it? :-D