Monday, January 23, 2006

Things I hate the most #179: Moving

Yes, I hate it. Despise it. In the advent of my roommate moving out, Joe (who'd rather like to keep his blog URL to himself) and I had to find a smaller two bedroom apartment to move. It's not that I hate moving for the sake of it. So, let me explain, dear readers, why I hate it so much:

1. I hate asking my friends and colleagues to help me with the moving. I don't have that much stuff to hire professional movers (and believe me, they are expensive here) but I still have enough furniture & stuff that we need to rent a truck.

2. I hate finding out that I have accumulated so much junk over the past __ years (fill in the blanks with the no of years I have been living in that apartment). Granted, I have been living in the current apartment for little more than 3 years. But you should see the amount of junk that I have. I must have thrown atleast 20 bags worth of junk into the garbage. (Junk includes electronics I hardly used, books I never opened, countless letters I forgot to even open, clothes I hate to wear, clothes that I consider too old, clothes I never knew that I had and dunno why I bought them in the first place, documents that once were important, countless research papers, nostalgic stuff, etc)

3. I hate packing and unpacking, obviously.

4. I hate moving in Winter and believe every time I have moved, it's been winter. Hopefully when I move this weekend (or the weekend after), it won't be that cold.

5. I hate calling up various credit card companies etc for changing my address.

6. I hate all the injuries that our furniture and us would succumb during the act of moving. The last time I moved, a certain someone suffered a fractured wrist and could not drive for the next six months and it still has not cured completely.

7. I hate the fact that the new apartment is smaller than the current one (OK, this is not really that bad, :-))

So, now, am sure you'd understand why I hate moving...

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