Monday, January 23, 2006

Video is the next big thing

I was playing around with Google Video and I think it is going to revolutionize the Video playback and streaming on the Internet. While Google's Video Store is not that different from other online video stores, I think the differentiation google offers is something totally different. Anyone can submit videos to Google. And it's just so easy to integrate video on to your browser. The free videos that they have, play very smooth on your browser (Firefox, that too) and is of a decent quality. And if you want to "link" to that video, its just as simple as cutting and pasting code from that page. Like am doing below:

It's that simple. So what this really is -- a video delivery platform -- wherein they can deliver videos to any and all users for free. So where's the moola, you may ask... Advertisements... They may start putting ad placements on the side (even overlayed) when you watch these ads...

But one glaring problem I see is Copyright... I could easily find bootleg videos of Indian movies there (like this one from a Tamil movie)

But one thing clear -- the next big thing on the internet media is Video and its coming...

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  1. hey this is wicked Bala! i can now stop using and start using gvideo for hosting my blog related vid clips :D - sweet find, thanks for the post!