Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sorry for the lack of updates around here...

With my new job keeping me busy and excited, I couldn't find time the past two weeks to blog. How come, u ask? Ok, here's the rundown of my daily routine, which is pretty mundane:

I wake up at 7.30AM (yes, I know its late) and have only time to get ready for work. I leave home at about 8.45AM and drive for almost an hour (the distance is 30 miles, but the traffic is unbelievable). I reach work at 9.30 to 9.45AM. I start working (these days I am learning so many new things that I have started to wonder if I have been hiding under a rock the past few years). Lunch break at 12. Is it just me or does everyone else feel that some of the best work that gets done is after 4PM when things kinda quiet down. I leave work at around 7PM and start my drive back home. Depending upon the traffic (which is bad most of the days), it takes again another hour to get home. Then I watch an hour of TV and then have my dinner (which also includes cooking on some days). And the time's 10PM. Then I do some browsing (going through the blogs that I read regularly and the technology gadgets and my daily dose of news & politics) and its 11PM. I watch The Daily Show now-a-days since its one of the funniest fake news show around... And I go to bed... See how I don't find time to update my blog? :)

How about weekends, you ask? When do you think I relax after all this commuting and day long sitting in front of a computer?

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