Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Chennai Right To Information Initiative

The Chennai Right To Information Initiative is exactly the kind of grassroots effort that we need in India. They are targetting the right group of people - College Students & Young Professionals. And I am glad to see Guru stepping up with this.

I always get fascinated by the Freedom of Information Act in the US and how it helps citizens get information which government officials dont (or more appropriately wont) disclose. I have seen so many instances on how this act has helped reveal potentially embarrassing information about the government policies and actions.

I didn't know until today that India also has a similar act called Right To Information Act, passed just last October. I went through the RTI Portal and it seemed the act has all the provisions for escalation if local department Public Information Officers (PIO) deny you the information.

I wish I could be part of this campaign. I would encourage everyone in Chennai (or anywhere in TN) not only to join this campaign but also to educate your friends and family about RTI and how anyone can use it.


  1. Bala:

    Came here from Lazy's blog. Thanks for posting about this on your blog as well.
    In the short time between Guruprasad emailing me from Chennai and me making that post on my blog, it looks like our message is spreading far and wide.. Please pass the message on to anybody who you think would be able to go to the meeting on the 26th and be able to step in along with Guruprasad and his friends in Chennai. Those guys are looking for more volunteers especially from the media/lawyers. Btw, students and young professionals are the target because most of the main brains behind this initiative are all 25 or under. Once again, thanks a lot!

  2. aNTi:

    You're welcome. I am just happy to see initiatives like this and have asked my friends (from rediff & other media outlets) in Chennai to attend the meeting.

    Please contact me if you need further help.