Monday, March 20, 2006

Three years and counting

No, it's not that, its this blog. I know its a strange coincidence that I started blogging on the same exact day and I hadn't noticed it until this year. No, this blog dint start with shock and awe... It started with a whimper.

When I started this blog, I did so just because that was the "in" thing to do at that time. I am neither a writer nor a journalist. I don't keep a journal and I have bad memory. Considering all that, this has worked out well for me. I can now atleast have a vague idea as to what I was upto over the last three years.

I was looking at some statistics that I have been collecting on this blog over the last year or so. And, its very interesting:
  • This blog gets an average of 650 unique visitors per month. Whoa!
  • 76% visitors are from the US, 17% are from India, 5% from Hungary (huh!)
  • 59% use Firefox (Yay!), 34% use IE
  • 92% use Windows XP, 1% use Windows CE (Who in the world reads my blog from a PDA?)
  • And, in the fantasy blog stock market, this blog is worth 4,000 blog dollars.
But the most laugh I had out of these statistics is with the search terms people have used to land here: chennai call girl, (seriously!), worst transit system paris

Here's hoping that this (the blog, not the war - which I hope will end soon) goes on for many years to come!


  1. Three years already? Great going dude and keep blogging.

  2. oieeeee Bala ... such synchronicities - my blog's a day younger :). congrats to you too .... and keep it blogged! am so glad I blog ... its changed my world too.

  3. Yeeha, Bala! Felicitations, and here's to many, many more.