Sunday, March 19, 2006

Made To Be Acquired

Last couple of weeks saw a spate of acquisitions, in the technology world, of which, the following two by Google stand out:

Google acquired Writely, a Web 2.0 startup started a mere 6 months ago. Writely has a web based word processing software (surprising based on .Net, not AJAX) that users can use it for free.

Google also acquired SketchUp which is not really a Web 2.0 startup. They make 3D design software that can be used in Google Earth and Maps to get the bird's eye view that Windows Live already has.

Why? I think this is gonna set a trend (or has it, already?) where people are going to start companies (starting from web-based OS to web-based laundry, anything Web 2.0) only with the goal of being acquired by GoogleYahooMS. Just take a look at the number of Web 2.0 companies - I bet 99% of these companies won't exist 5 years from now.

Seems like 2000 tech bubble is coming back!

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