Saturday, April 01, 2006

Indian Music Blog Directory

I have started a directory blog project in which I am attempting to simply accumulate all Indian Music Blogs (A Music Blog is a blog which offers original music content for listening). I have been running across a quite a large number of music blogs and thought it'd be nice to have a directory of these blogs.

The blog is called Indian Music Blog Directory and the URL is

I have already received some entries from bloggers for this directory. If you'd like your blog to be added to this directory, please see the blog for instructions.

You are welcome to join me in this project. Please let me know in the comments of this post if you are interested.


  1. Hi Bala,
    So nice of u to have listed my blog url in the Indian Music Blog Directory. Thanks a lot.
    And only after looking at ur profile, did i get to know that we both belong to the same alma mater.

  2. Poorni,

    You're welcome.

    Go TCE!!

  3. Hi Bala, was a surprise to see my Audioblog listed in the Indian Music Blog Directory. Thank you.
    Appreciate yourefforts.

  4. Hi Bala, was surprised to see my Audioblog listed in the Indian Music Blog Directory. Thank you.
    Appreciate your efforts.

  5. I'd like to add a blog to this list:
    author:Praveen Shivshankar

  6. Dear Friend,
    Quite interestingly, I found to my surprise a directory for assimilating all the blogs/sites which have one common denominator 'INDIAN MUSIC' Kudos to your best efforts. Keep it on.

    Whoever has heard the tunes, rhythms,of the vocal stream or the tablas, the ghatams,the percussions, or the violins, the veenas, the saxophones, the flutes, would ever find it very difficult to lend his ear to the other music world, whatsoever enchanting would it be.

    A analytical study of Indian Film Music based on Classical and Hindusthani Music you may find in our above web blog.

    With our Blessings,

    Suryanarayanan S
    Chennai India.

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  8. Check this website and give your feedback.

  9. Can anyone advise me on what are the 10 top music sites in India,Pakistan and Bangladesh. Please forgive my ignorance and explain where the crossover lies?

  10. give your take on this website

  11. Hi,
    Just wanted to share Indian music website with you guys. Visit for Latest Indian, Pakistani and Punjabi - Bhangra/Ghazal/Qwwalli/Dharmik - Albums.

  12. Hi I am trying to find an old hindi song but I am not sure of the name of the song and I dont know hindi now how to type it....but i will try, its a woman singing the goes something like this...saba saba na hasokee, dehko gee kiran khey leheyrai aieerey aieerey hasee ai...i hope that is enough, i am trying to find this song would be good, but i just need the real name of the song or the singers or the movie its from...let me know what you can me at for you help. I am a lover of older hindi songs...hindi music is my second love.

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  18. It is essential for people to appreciate good music. In ancient Indian culture it was important to be a rasik. Almost single-handed Pandit Ravishankar succeeded in riveting world’s attention on Indian music. While it is easy to be mesmerized by the maestro it is difficult for people to imagine the patience, labour and commitment that brought him to this level. Alas, everyone wants to be a performer overnight without burning midnight oil. The reality shows are hurting appreciation of arts. Efforts like that of AATMA ( alone can ensure the glory due to fine arts. Do involve people through your blog to reach the young minds. Music is therapeutic in this sense alone.

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  21. nice to see a music blog directory on the web swo keep it up ur nice work

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  25. Hi Bala,
    Please add my blog to your list. Here's the link:

    Arjita Nair

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  27. Hi,
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  37. Nice post. I am one of the very big fan of Indian Classical songs. And one of the fav singer is Mr. Kote. He is a very well know singer and composer in Bangalore City. Ref to other users, I have posted his official website @

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  38. i'm looking to 60's indian pop music. are there any good blogs that focus on that?


  39. i'm looking to 60's indian pop music. are there any good blogs that focus on that?