Wednesday, June 21, 2006

BMC ignores Citizen's Complaints

If you want to know how much clout a politician and his/her's family/friends wield in India, here's the perfect example [Angelo has done an excellent job of aggregating all the info related to this issue]. BMC is basically ignoring (read: taking forever to act on it) a valid complaint against a politician's son by a 62 year old woman living in Bombay.

It's nice to see Aparna stand up (at her age) amidst all the roadblocks that she's been facing. Let's hope some government official heads to our pleas and rectify this.

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  1. I had serval time lodge the complaints regarding unathorised developments in Bhartiya Krida Mandir, Wadala West by some of the occupants. The common passage of the building had been covered ilegally,I had explain every details in my complaint but so far no action taken by the authority.