Thursday, June 15, 2006

On Apartment Hunt

Well, my displeasure towards Moving is well known. Guess what? I've gotta move again! I am on the hunt for an apartment. I am in a dilemma on whether I should stay in the Edison area or venture out to "unexplored" areas of New Jersey. I am looking at Jersey City as an option. It's got a beautiful Hudson waterfront and a lot of high rise buildings. But then the apartments won't be as spacious as the ones that I have been living and is really expensive. Positives also include easy access to NYC, hopefully an "active" lifestyle and a somewhat short commute to work.

So far, I have found two good websites - HousingMaps (which is amalgamation of Craigslist & Google Maps) and Both have been handy. I'd probably start making visits to a few shortlisted places next week.

In the meanwhile, if you know of any good apartments in the Jersey City area or any area north of Woodbridge (along the Garden State Parkway), please let me know.


  1. Im just wondering.. is this the season in the US where desi bloggers start house hunting and moving in? A few days ago there was Ash, now it's you. who know's next it might be Om Malik :D

    have you tried

    happy house hunting!

  2. you couls also try apartment finder. it was the fastest way o find a place to live for me. well maybe apartment hunt took ages before i registered online, because of i keep a dog and most of lanlords are not pet-friendly somehow:(