Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Football is ON

This is one of many things that I miss by living in the US, the World Cup FootBall. Pretty much since I was a kid my father, my sister and I have watched every World Cup Final, even if its late at night.

Here in the US, hardly anyone follows the game, as you probably know. I miss the "fever" leading upto the tournament. Full page color portraits on Sportstar of my favorite stars.

Anyways, the World Cup is here and am ready to watch. But all the weekday games are on during the mornings and afternoons and that's not good for me. I have setup my DVR to record all the games so that I can go home and watch them in the evenings. My favorite team as always is Brazil. Here are some useful resources for watching Football (Soccer) in the US:


  1. it's Trini versus Sweden today! guess who's gonna get their ass kicked?


  2. down with brazil... go france!!!