Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai Bomb Blasts

Mumbai has been hit by Serial Bomb Blasts again. Like the previous blasts, the bombs were co-ordinated to go off within a period of 30 minutes during the peak hour traffic - and all in running trains.

If you have been on a Mumbai train (and I have been on one), you'd know how crowded they are during peak hours. Whoever planned this definitely wanted to cause the maximum damage to lives. As always, WorldWideHelpers are at work in MumbaiHelp Blog which is quickly becoming the place for all kind of information and help.

When I heard the news this morning as I was driving to work, the first feeling that I got was of anger. Anger at the fact that there are human beings out there who wouldn't even think before killing scores of innocent people who are just going about living their life. Anger at the fact that our government cannot stop these acts of terrorism, which seems to happen unabated. Anger at the fact that I cannot but feel helpless for not being there to help those suffering. Anger at the fact that this is probably not going to end with this event.

I don't know who did this but whoever it is, they deserve hell and nothing less. I hope our government finds those behind this inhuman act of terrorism and prosecutes them in the quickest way. They also have to figure out a way to avoid future attacks - I know it is difficult and I know its near impossible to prevent such attacks in a crowded city like Mumbai. But the intelligence on such attacks is almost zero and that can be improved. They need to form special task forces not only to track down these terrorists but also to infiltrate their cells and provide intel on upcoming attacks.

I know, I am blabbering on and I'll stop now. But I am damn upset and angry and I cry for those who have been affected by this and pray to God that such acts dont happen again.

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