Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zuned out & Why I dont own an iPod

As you probably know by now about the upcoming iPod-killer from Microsoft: Zune (What a lame name, innit?). If Microsoft has learned one thing from apple, its gotta be the viral marketing campaign that gets everyone riled up just before a product launch. They successfully got me all excited and hearing the news that Zune is going to have WiFi support got me even more excited - so excited that I thought the time has come for me to get an iPod (More on that a few paragraphs below) But first, here are my quick-hit thoughts on Zune.
  1. They may as well not have WiFi at all. Cant sync with your PC, can't connect to internet, cant buy songs directly from the device. I agree with Engadget.
  2. Zune won't support Microsoft's own PlaysForSure DRM that they so proudly nurtured the last few years.
  3. And whoever thought brown is in?
  4. I like the bigger screen, the User Interface (say what you want about Microsoft, they have some UI design experts in there) and the changeable background.
Overall I have to say that the first Zune revision is a missed opportunity for MS and doesnt threaten iPod at all. Now onto why I don't own an iPod. Well I do own an iPod Shuffle 1G (but that doesn't count now, does it?).
  • First of all, I hate listening to music through head phones - dunno if its just me. I hate it. I need to have good speakers blasting my music in the room while I sit back and listen to it.
  • Second of all, my music library (English, Tamil & Hindi) all combined just comes to about 10GB - what do I need the other 50GB for? Movies? Are you kidding? I already wear glasses - if I start squinting to watch movies on that itsy bitsy screen - I'd have to wear glasses as thick as the iPod itself! I can use to back up my data. But why would I want to carry my backup drive with me all the time?
  • And third, I drive to work and not take a train/bus which seems to be the place most people use their iPod. And I have got a Walkman Phone which doubles as a decent MP3 player.
  • And fourth, I don't like to carry around stuff in jeans pockets. I've already got my keys, wallet and phone (and a bluetooth headset) to carry around.
And above all, so far I have not seen (Yes, sadly this is true) a design that would blow me away. Tell me when iPod has Phone, MP3 Player, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS & PDA functionalities in built. Now, that would be something worth carrying around all day!

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  1. Don't you say anything against Zune. It is the next big thing (fingers crossed). Zune and Vista are going to make me some money .