Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where is India's Leadership?

It's not enough just to portray ourselves as an "emerging superpower" in the region (Case in point: Apparently India was widely applauded for its efforts during the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 for going to aid the neighboring countries).

But India should not just talk the talk - they need to walk the walk as well.

Take the ongoing uprising that's been going on for decades in Burma (which the military government has renamed it to Myanmar) for example. They have been oppressing basic human rights and any sort of opposition by brutally punishing those who raise a voice against them. Yet India not only continues to ignore these atrocities but also provides Burma with billions of dollars worth of trade.

The recent uprising by Buddhist monks in Myanmar has attracted worldwide condemnations and even sanctions by the US government. Yet there's not even a single press release or a statement supporting the protests.

Where are our esteemed politicians? Oh wait, they are debating if Rama was real or not.


Looks like India's leadership has woken up from its deep sleep to say that "India is concerned at and is closely monitoring the Myanmar situation. It is our hope that all sides will resolve their issues peacefully through dialogue. India has always believed that Myanmar’s process of political reform and national reconciliation should be more inclusive and broad-based".

Way to show leadership, huh?

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