Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whatever happened to playing fair?

Marion Jones, Winner of 5 Medals in Sydney Olympics
Justin Gatlin, 100m Winner at Athens Olympics and 100m World Champion.
Floyd Landis, Winner of Tour de France

These are few of the people, who won their respective sports outrightly and convincingly, became national heroes. And, they all have been either proven to have taken Steriods or accepted to taking steroids. That's just in the last year or so. Many more (Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, Barry Bonds (of MLB)) are "suspected" of taking steroids.

They should either make taking steroids legal so that everyone can take them and the playing field is fair or make it so that every athlete in every sport is tested before, during and after every game for every substance that's known to boost performance.

It's kinda making watching sports a game of "Guess who's playing and who's playing on steroids". Pretty sick, if you ask me.

Update: From SNL's Weekend Update comes the following beauty:

Poehler: Three-time Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones admitted Friday that she used steroids before the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney. So, let me see, that makes … everyone. Everyone has used steroids.

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