Monday, November 12, 2007

Wanted: Decent Tamil Movie Directors

Now, I know Kollywood has been going through a rough patch lately but after watching Azhagiya Tamil Magan over the weekend, I think it is in desperate need of decent directors. Now, I didn't say "good" directors because that's asking too much. We'd just take "decent" directors who can provide good movies that dont suck so bad.

Whenever I go watch a Tamil movie, I "switch" to a very low expectation mode - with a limited budget and a star such as Vijay, there's bound to be some masala value in the movie. But ATM was unbearable. I literally predicted what the next scene was gonna to be before it happened. There was no logic to the movie. Both Vijay and Shreya acted poorly to say the least. Rediff review was right on.

I went to the Movie for two reasons -- first of all, I liked the songs by AR Rahman and was hoping to see them in action - they were butchered. My favorite song of the movie - Nee Marilyn Monroe - had some item girl who was overweight - not Shreya who was the second reason I went to the movie for. And, I was thoroughly disappointed on both fronts. And what's with overt references to Shakeela and her movies? The movie was so bad that I was happy that I could leave before the climax for other reasons.

With Mani Ratnam and Priyadarshan fully dedicating themselves to Bollywood, Shankar who's expected to make the move to Bollywood with Robot, Jeeva who unfortunately passed away and with 3B's (K. Balachander, Bharathiraja and Balu Mahendra) in retirement, we are left to only look forward to movies by a select few - Gautham Menon, Vasanth and that's it. Don't tell me S.J. Suriya and Silambarasan are also directors. I meant "decent" directors.

Kollywood is in desperate need of decent directors.


  1. I am totally pained to know about this...only for this reason..why did Rahman take this project and work on this..I couldn't stand the thought that he sat and gave background score for this crappy movie ( haven't seen the movie yet..based oin your and few others comments)

    As long as our mass supports movies like these..they will happily churn out crap like this.

    You forgot to mention Cheran, Thangar bachan ...they are good directors too..they have strong story base

  2. Yes, Cheran is a good upcoming director. I loved his Autograph. But he seems to be only doing low to mid budget movies. Hopefully he gets some big Producers to invest in his movies.

    I forgot about Thangar Bachan. Heard good things about his latest movie - Pallikoodam. Haven't seen it yet.

    We need someone like Ram Gopal Varma for Tamil!