Friday, December 26, 2008

Pakistan's Five Step Program: Step 4

Remember the "Five Step Program" that I was talking about when Mumbai Attacks happened? All parties involved (India, Pakistan & the US) are following the steps to the dot until now. Now we seem to be in Step 4:

Pakistan Moves Troops Away From Afghan Border 

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) -- Pakistan began moving thousands of troops away from the Afghan border toward India on Friday amid tensions following the Mumbai attacks, intelligence officials said.
The move represents a sharp escalation in the stand off between the nuclear-armed neighbors and stands to weaken Pakistan's U.S.-backed campaign against al-Qaida and Taliban close to Afghanistan.

It's so easily predictable like a bad Bollywood movie. As I said then, the only step that's of any question is the reaction of the incoming Obama administration to the puppetry from Pakistan.

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