Wednesday, April 14, 2004

24/7 WORK?

Techdirt writes "Welcome to the modern "always on, always connected" work world. It's gotten to the point where Microsoft discovered, after handing out smart phones, tablet PCs and broadband connections to employees that they needed to give their employees special instructions on how to turn off work. This isn't a new problem, and it's certainly been discussed before. While some people can handle the work/life balance without a problem - it's not so easy for everyone else. Even for those who can switch off, it's made more difficult by their colleagues who can't - and who contact them at odd hours with work requests. This is going to become a bigger issue for modern companies to deal with. There are, obviously, some advantages, but people need to learn their limits."

I have had this problem many times as I am always online and have a phone number which is known to my co-workers. I get calls at the middle of the night asking for help... I guess, I can't keep doing this for a long time! Well, lets see...


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